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Garcia Mitchell Reel Repair and rod Restoration

Garcia Mitchell Reel Repair

Download the Garcia Mitchell reel repair formGarcia Mitchell reel repair form - Fred's Fish N Things.

Penn and Abu Garcia Reel Repair

Download the Penn and Abu Garcia reel repair form
Penn and Abu Garcia reel repair form - Fred's Fish N Things

Other Fishing Reel Repair

Download the General fishing reel repair form
General fishing reel repair form - Fred's Fish N Things

About Me

I have been an avid fisherman most of my life. In 1964, I purchased my first Garcia Mitchell reel - A Mitchell 330. I still use this reel to this day. When I bought it, I promptly disassembled and reassembled it. Over the years, I have acquired many more Mitchells. I started my ebay business in 2005 from a collection of flea market Mitchells. I found that there was a great demand for all the types of Mitchells if they were in good shape. Since then, I have buying out private collections, estates and store inventories. I can make almost any Mitchell reel look almost new.

Through the years, I have also developed rod building skills. My first experience was to rebuild my first rod - a True Temper that I originally purchased with my Mitchell 330 reel. Following soon was a beautiful South Bend Split bamboo rod I brought back to life. In my many foraging trips to the flea market, I find good brand name rods that need an eye, tip, or cork work. These are either in my private collection or sold to many of my satisfied customers.

In 2005, I worked at a Bass Pro Shop. I developed skills on how to maintain and repair reels like Shimano, Zebco, Penn, Abu Garcia, Johnson, Quick, and many others. Through this, I have developed many relationships where clients have asked me to repair a rod or reel. I have fully equipped machine shop and can alter, jury rig and fabricate many rod and reel parts. I have developed a replica reel seat for the Mitchell 500, 508, 510, and 524 reels. I can either retrofit a rod of your choice or send you the reel seat mechanism so that you can build your own rod. My business is growing through good service and fair prices.