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Garcia Mitchell Reel Repair and rod Restoration

Garcia Mitchell Reel Repair

Download the Garcia Mitchell reel repair formGarcia Mitchell reel repair form - Fred's Fish N Things.

Penn and Abu Garcia Reel Repair

Download the Penn and Abu Garcia reel repair form
Penn and Abu Garcia reel repair form - Fred's Fish N Things

Other Fishing Reel Repair

Download the General fishing reel repair form
General fishing reel repair form - Fred's Fish N Things

Garcia Mitchell Reel Sales

Vintage Garcia Mitchell Reels

My inventory varies. Please contact me to find out which reels I presently have in stock.
Visit our Garcia Mitchell reel store - Fred's Fish N Things.

I have a large quantity of Garcia Mitchell reels and replacement parts. These reels are assembled with high quality parts. All are properly lubricated, comeletly restored, and the reels are complete will all parts. Chrome chrome parts are good and not corroded.

Additionally, I carry over 700 reel handles of different types. Please click here to find out more.

These are reels I currently have in inventory:

Garcia Mitchell 300 - $35

Garcia Mitchell 300 reel

Garcia Mitchell 302 - $45

Garcia Mitchell 302 reel

Garcia Mitchell 304 - $30

Garcia Mitchell 304 reel

Garcia Mitchell 306 - $50

Garcia Mitchell 306 reel

Garcia Mitchell 308 - $50

Garcia Mitchell 308 reel

Garcia Mitchell 314 - $35

Garcia Mitchell 314 reel

Garcia Mitchell 330 - $50

Not pictured

Garcia Mitchell 400 - $45

Garcia Mitchell 400 reel

Garcia Mitchell 410 - $55

Garcia Mitchell 410 reel

Garcia Mitchell 440 - $75

Garcia Mitchell 440 reel

I also carry the left handed counterparts to these right handed reels. Check with me on prices.

All these reels are fully restored, cleaned and lubed and ready to go fishing.

Drop me a line requesting any Mitchell parts you need.

Handles, Handles, Handles

I have over 700 different handles for many of the different brands of reels. Chances are that I have it. I have a lot of Garcia Mitchell handles for almost every type of the older reels. I also manufacture the screws for the Mitchell 300 series and for the Mitchell 302/306 series. I also have handles that will fit other fishing reel series as well. Click here for more information. Some I can fit with a model number, some I will have to hand fit. Some I even jury rig and possibly machine some metal to make the handle fit. It is not an exact science, but I have been able to put a lot of reels back in service. The pictures here are just a small sample of what I have in my inventory. Always call and check with me to ensure that I can accommodate your needs.

Garcia Mitchell reel handles

Visit our eBay store.